EumeRose Natural Body Care Products

Because you deserve nature's best.

More and more people today are interested in using natural products for health and healing, aromatherapy in particular, as an alternative to Western medical practices. One of the benefits of using products made by EumeRose is that we use essential oils instead of fragrance oils in our products, which offer a simple and effective way to get started on a healthy natural skin care routine. What is an essential oil? An essential oil is a oil that is taken directly from a plant by distillation or some other method. A fragrance oil, on the other hand, is made of combinations of man-made chemicals. While not to imply that one product is more healthy than the other, it is important that as consumers we become aware and informed about the pros and cons of each. Our mission is to help with that process by educating our customers and offering quality essential oils for them to purchase. For specific information about the essential oils, go to my website at