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How to Use a Sea Salt Soap Bar

Posted on October 4, 2017 at 11:00 AM

     Until a few months ago I had not heard of a salt soap bar so being the curious person I am, I was intrigued and anxious to make one.  My research showed that sea salt contains minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium and potassium, all good for the skin. Salt also draws toxins from the body. So after a couple of tries, I made a batch of sea salt that was good. However, I was reluctant to use the soap once it cured and just left it sitting in my soap closet for months. On Friday, my personal spa day, I remembered the salt bar and decided to try it. The question was though, how to use the soap.

     My recipe for this particular bar includes pink clay and the surface of the soap looks grainy. But it doesn't feel grainy and the lather is creamy and bubbly. I decided to rub the bar directly on my skin, especially the rough spots; my elbows, knees and feet.The texture of the soap is gently grainy so I could feel the exfoliation process at work. I felt no stinging or burning and my skin felt stimulated and tingled for a short while. Wow! 

     Later I decided to research if there is a proper way to use a sea salt bar and I didn't find much information. This is what I found by a maker of a Himalayan Salt Bar on the internet: If you are taking a bath, actually sitting in a tub of water, allow the soap to sit in the water for about 5 minutes to dissovle and release the salt. Then remove the bar from the water. Rub soap on your washcloth and wash as usual. Most people shower, these days so simply wet the wash cloth, rub soap on it, and wash as usual. My conclusion is that you determine the size of the salt grains on the soap. If the soap grains are coarse, be careful not to damage your skin. Until next time..

Ella Oji

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